Happy with your experience? Please let us know!

Dear Fairies, I can’t thank you enough for such a great birthday party for my daughter Jasmine, your party rooms are beautiful and the outside garden is fantastic. Fairy Star was just wonderful with the children; they were so engaged the whole time and had so much fun! Thank you again.


Hi to all the fairies at Myths & Legends, Thanks for making my sons Pirate Party a great success, all his friends can’t stop talking about it at school, how much they loved all the games and stories especial Pirate Bones. For me it was also great, to not have to do any work, your professional staff took care of everything. Thanks again.


Hi Fairy Dee, Once again you have outdone yourself this is our second party at Myths & Legends, and the children are surprised again with the new look of the magic forest and beautiful outside garden. Everything was fantastic, Mermaid Starfish was wonderful, how do they remember all the kids names and stories, they are brilliant. You are a Legend for creating such a magical place.


Dear Fairies I just wanted to let you know we were a 100% happy with our party last Saturday. We had our daughter Ayesha, Disco party with Disco Diva Dee and we were so surprised at how organized, professional and fun the day was, from being welcomed to the birthday cake, games, stories and the Disco room was fantastic what a great job you do! Thanks.


Dear Fairies we had a ball yesterday. Witch Spook was fantastic from the spells to the magic colour changing lemonade, she had them in the palm of her hand totally mesmerised, and we had fun too! Thank You.


Wow! How much fun and love goes into what you fairies do at Myths & Legends, My twins had the best time, they both haven’t stopped talking about their party. You obviously love what you do, its great to see. Thank You.


Dear Myths & Legends We all had a great day on Saturday at the Fairy shop, Freya and her friends had a fabulous time, fairy ladybug was amazing, she kept all the children amused. Freya told me it was the best birthday party ever. Thank You for making it so special.


Hi Fairies, Thanks for a great Wizard party for my son James even the little witches who came loved it, we will be recommending you to all our friends.


Dear Fairies, my daughter Eliza had the best day at the fairy shop with Fairy Moon, I even cried at the sight of their faces while they were making wishes, you keep the magic alive in all the children’s hearts, it’s so beautiful to see. Thank You xx

Lynn & Tom

Fairy Dee I would like to say thank you to you and all your fairy staff for doing such a great job on Sunday at Tommy’s Pirate birthday party, he had the best day. The other children did too. You were recommended to us through another parent who had a party at your shop and let me tell you, you are the best party venue, with the best entertainers i have ever seen. We will be spreading the word. Thanks.


Dear Myths & Legends, I cannot express how delighted my daughter and her friends were at the spectacular fairy Purple, She had them all laughing even the parents who attended, your magic forest and outside garden is a credit to you and shows just how much love goes into this magical place. Thank You for making it a special birthday one we will never forget.


We want to say a big THANK YOU for such a great birthday party, it was the best party ever my daughter told me and I do believe all her friends want their birthdays at your magical shop too. Fairy Star was a star and was what every little girl could ever wish for in a fairy even the boys were enchanted and they all want to come back to visit her again. Thanks again.


Wow! What a party, Witchy Poo was so much fun! I had no idea there was such talented entertainers and how the children were captivated by the magic of it all, you guys do a great job! Or should I say fairies! Thank You.


Cecilia was in seventh heaven at her Mermaid party she really believes mermaid Bubbles is a real mermaid. We have had other parties and entertainers but you are the best! Thank You.


Hi Fairies, What a lovely day we had in fairyland the Magic forest or should I say blue lagoon & garden was beautiful please thank mermaid pearl for a wonderful day, Sarah hasn’t stopped talking about it. You give magical memories to so many children what a lovely job.


Dear Fairies, you took all the work out of what would normally be a stressful day for me. Thank you. I will be having all our birthday parties at your magical shop every year from now on! You have so many themes to choose from we can pick a different party every year.


Last year I spent a fortune trying to create a fun party for my child; it also was a lot of work, never again. Your fairies did the best job and your party set up is great, also at an affordable price and I don’t have to do anything but turn up and enjoy seeing my child and all his friends have a great time. Thank You you’re the best.


Magic does happen at Myths and Legends Sarah had such a magical time with Fairy Flutterby she really believes in fairies and your magical shop confirms her belief thank you.


Just a quick note to let you know how much Amelia and her friends enjoyed her Princess Party it was fantastic even the boys weren’t left out as they were turned into princes and made kings. It was very special and very easy for me! Thank You.


Dear Fairy Dee I just wanted to say Thank You for the excellent work you and all your fairy staff do, from the moment we walked in the door you made it very easy for me to enjoy and all the little girls loved the fairy. The special touches like the fairy dust and the birthday scroll, just so magical. Thank You.


Dear Fairy Star thank you for such a wonderful party. I am sure Tara will hold this memory in her heart forever. Thank You.


Hi Fairy Ladybug Just wanted to say thanks for a great fun filled birthday. Brianna and her friends keep talking about their favourite things that you did the pass the parcel, fairy freeze, treasure hunt and the wishing. Myself I loved your stories they reminded me of my childhood, they all agree it was the best party ever.


Dear fairies I have never seen such a magical place! I was as much involved and enjoyed ever moment of Arians birthday as the children were. The party rooms, garden, costumes wow! How amazing, I think I had as much fun as the kids, I do believe you do adult birthday parties? I do believe in fairies! I will be having my birthday at Myths & Legends.


Dear Fairy Moon, just wanted to let you know how great you were. Jade and all her friends had a wonderful time. All the squeals of delight said it all! The face painting, fairy dust and magical stories made the whole day complete from the moment we walked into fairyland they were mesmerised thank you sooooo much for a magical day.


Dear Fairies a big hug and thank you for making Jessica’s day one to remember you are all so professional the whole party ran like magic thanks to all the fairies.


My son truly believes in magic and you confirmed this for him by giving him the best magical wizard birthday party, one he will truly remember forever. Thank You.


Dear Fairies, Lily wishes to say thank you for her beautiful birthday she has done this drawing for you of her and fairy purple, notice how all the flowers are purple and the stars too. She was an enchanting performer. Thanks. Love,


Dear Fairies, Thanks for making Tristan’s Pirate birthday a wonderful day to remember, we would recommend you to anyone.

Nick & Laura

Thanks Fairies for a great party, Ella and all her friends were enchanted; I was amazed at how fairy Rainbow held their attention and interacted with the children, it was so well done. We all had a fabulous time.


Dear Myths & Legends I was so impressed with your service the fairy was fabulous with such a variety of interactive stories and games. Alyssa loved her birthday party, and I was very happy with your very organized fairy staff. Everyone had a magical time. Thank You.